Justice on my mind!

Reform Immigration in Texas Advocates invited me to offer the invocation for their march and rally last Tuesday at the state capital in Austin, Texas. (View video). As a student in high school I became very interested in politics because I believed that through quality leadership the world could be a better place. I campaigned with my congressman and I attended the National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington DC where I served as a representative in the house. I served as student body president in my hight school and as a one-year at large student government representative in college. I saw the power that leadership could have on our future. I never fully pursued politics but I have continued to be a concerned citizen as I have grown in life.

As I stood on the steps of our state capital and I invited God to join us, I was reminded of seeing the power of the freedom of speech in our nation at this same capital as a high school student. It was the early 1990’s and the verdict concerning the Rodney King case in California had been announced. As student government leaders from Abilene High School walked to the capital for a tour we saw a protest like the one I attended on Tuesday rallying for justice. As students we saw injustice and wanted to do something about it. We made our voice known by joining the rally and using our voice for good. Over 15 years later I stood as a speaker on those same steps speaking out for justice and fighting the status quo. We are blessed to live in a nation where we can express our voice and be heard. We can speak truth to power and we can speak to our heavenly father and ask for his power to be the change we want to see. I would never tell you what your political view must be but I will always tell you to be informed, be instructed and be inspired to do something for the good of someone other than yourself. Think about the big picture not just the 3D image in your own mind. There is a big world out there and people who Christ died for whose justice may be your plight to deliver.


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