Winning One vs. Being the One

LeBron of the Big 3As I continued to watch the season develop in the NBA, I have been pulling for LeBron James because I respect his decision to leave Cleveland where he was a superstar, loved and a two-time league MVP to go to Dwayne Wade’s city of Miami to win.  LeBron made had a big decision to make at this point in his career.  He had already won a state championship in high school and been selected the 1st pick of the NBA draft.  He took his team to the finals prematurely in 2007 and was swept by a team called the San Antonio Spurs.  He did all he could in Cleveland over 7 years but realized that he was not going to have the kind of team around him he needed to win so he made the decision to win one instead of being the one.  Over the last two days commentators all over the television stations have accused him of not being the best closer on his team with Wade being available to score at the end of each game but LeBron has demonstrated that winning with a team is more important than simply being the one that everyone looks to.  I ask you to consider, who are the people you need to add to your team in life to win one instead of being a lone ranger?  You can do more with others than you can alone.  Team up and see how you can win life today.


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