Spiritual Lessons from Raising a Puppy: Part 3

Safety over Satisfaction

Monday, Nala was spayed and it was a tough day for April and I. We have grown to love our puppy so much and we don’t want her to hurt at all. Knowing that the vet was going to put her to sleep and cut her open and take out her reproductive organs was not easy to think about. The night before we could not let her eat after 8pm and the morning of we had to have her at the vet’s office by 7:30am. We were worried about rather she would be angry at us. We wondered if she would be the same spunky, energetic Nala. We wondered how she would be different.

Nala Sick

We went to pick her up at nearly 6pm on Monday and she had the cone around her head and was extremely groggy. There was no licking, no barking, no running and no jumping. She seemed like a shell of herself. Each night we have had to give her pain medication to take care of the pain from the surgery and we have had to watch her shake her head in the cone and give us those droopy puppy eyes that say, “Why are you doing this to me. I want to play, I want to run, I want to lick my wounds literally.”

In end safety is more important that satisfaction. We would love for her to eat what she wants, play where she wants and do what she wants which would satisfy her but her safety is our responsibility even when it violates her satisfaction. The same is true in our relationship with God. There are a number of things that we would do that would satisfy us for the short term but in the end injure us for the long haul that God through the scriptures speaks against. Sex outside of marriage is satisfying to the body but can be very damaging to the soul. Eating more than we need to is satisfying to the body but dangerous for our livelihood. Getting drunk or taking money may satisfy us for the short term but is not safe for us long-term. The commandments that God gives are not to harm us but to protect us because our safety is more important than our satisfaction.

Next time God challenges you to do something he desires that goes against your desires, think about his love for you and how he is trying to save you from long term pain.

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