Being Hungry

 Nala's Eaten Bible
A few years ago I wrote a devotional book entitled, Being: A 30-Day Guide to Being Who God Created You to Be.  The book provides daily devotionals for 5-days a week for 6-weeks.  Each devotional has the following:
  • Definition of a Word (that describes who God says we are or can be)
  • Scripture of the Day
  • Daily Devotional Reading
  • Reflection Questions
  • Statement of the Day
  • Prayer for the Day
While writing the book, I was reminded of the passage in Matthew 5:6 where Jesus says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled”.  This passage inspired one of the chapters in the book entitled, “Being Hungry”.   This morning, I found one of my old bibles under my bed where my wonderful, loving toy poodle Nala had placed it.  She was hungry for what was inside.  She ate through the dual tone leather, into the glued spine and through threaded pages of Scripture.  Though Nala does not have a Spirit, she was hungry for my bible.  I asked myself the question, do I hunger for God’s Word in such a way that I am willing to chew through the dual tone leather, into the glued spine and through the threaded pages of Scripture to find the live that is there for me or would I rather consume the views of the culture that tell me to love only myself, care only for myself and be my own God?  This is the question our generation has to ask on a daily basis if we are going to experience God in this season of history.
Throughout the world, the Spirit of God is moving powerfully as people hunger and thirst for righteousness.  God is allowing people to be filled with Spirit and filled with His presence.  He is answering their prayers, working miracles and changing their lives because they are hungry.  In America, most of us do not really know what it means to be hungry.  Some of us miss a meal because we are busy or we are trying to lose weight but most of us do not miss a meal because there is no food to eat.  So, hunger for us is an option but around the world men, women, boys and girls experience true hunger that keeps them up at night and is only relieved by fatigue that rocks them to sleep.v I pray that we who have much will hunger and thirst for righteousness the way that people around the world are hungry for food and thirsting for water so we can be filled with God’s love moving us to action.  Yesterday, my friend Paulina Sosa from the ONE Campaign, came to our church and shared how we can make a difference by helping to limit poverty and preventable diseases around the world.  I pray that our hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled and through the filling of God’s Spirit, we would choose to help those who are physically hungry and thirsty.
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