No Toys, Just You

Every morning, I wake up between 4:30-6:00am.  My dog, Nala has become accustomed to my waking pattern and is ready to leave the room as soon as I set foot on the ground and begin heading towards the door.  She sleeps during the night anticipating time with me.

Nala Corey's Dog
“I don’t want the toys, I want you daddy!”

One morning, I had some work to do on the computer, so I did not feel that I had the time to spend with her that morning.  I was focused and ready to take care of business.  I tried to give Nala a toy to squeaky toy to play with, but she walked away and came back to me.  I tried to give Nala a plastic toy to play with, but she walked away and came back to me.  I tried to give Nala a stuffed toy to play with, but she walked away and came back to me.  After three attempts at replacing my time, attention and love with a toy, I realized Nala did not want the toy, she wanted me.
As I think about the American church as a whole and the way we have portrayed God, often we portray Him as a God that is all about giving us toys.  The toy of a new car, the toy of a new house, the toy of the latest electronic fad.  Truthfully, before having all these things, I thought I wanted toys but now that I have them, I realize that I really needed God.  I didn’t need a new house to feel significant, I needed a God who would show me my significance through the unique ways He created me.  I didn’t need a new car to feel important, I needed a God would would demonstrate my importance by giving something of His, Jesus.  I didn’t need the newest electronic fad to keep me entertained, I needed to get in line with God’s plan for the world and join Him in it.

I realized that I did not need toys, I needed Him.  I don’t know where you are in your spiritual journey but after years of seeking for toys, I encourage you to seek him.  Matthew 6:33 says, ” But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  I recommend taking Jesus’ suggestion on him over toys.

The New International Version. 2011 (Mt 6:33). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

Published by coreytabor

Corey Tabor serves as the Program Director of Austin LifeGuard, the sexual risk avoidance education program of Austin LifeCare. Serves as the Founder of III Coaching, an organization that informs, instructs and inspires people to live out their purpose. He has been married to April Tabor since 2003 and they have two daughters Anaia Naomi and Charis Dawn. Corey has a B.S. in Communication Studies / Human Relations from the University of Texas at Austin and completed a Masters of Ministry Leadership at Rockbridge Seminary. He is also a Certified Life Coach with the Wainwright Fowler International Institute and Certified Human Behavior Consultant with Uniquely You.

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