7 Keys to Fulfilling Your Destiny

As we begin a new year, many are excited about New Year’s resolutions. So often with a new year, we feel we have a chance for a new start. This is true. You can start new right now and start seeing changes in your life. Your goals can’t simply be based on what you want to do but need to be based on who you are.

For years, I read and studied purpose discovery based on a number of factors including passions, gifts, abilities, skills, personality and experience. Throughout the years, I was able to narrow my life purpose down to the following statement: To inform, instruct and inspire people to fulfill their purpose. This purpose allows me to use my gifts, abilities and skills to make a difference in the world. With my purpose in focus, I am able to live out my purpose in every role I have. From purpose discovery, I began to look for principles that I could use daily to live out my purpose.


These principles are what I call “7 Keys to Fulfilling Your Destiny”. There are 2 “D’s” connected to 5 “E’s” that allow you to fulfill your destiny.

1. Discipline
2. Decisions
3. Excellence
4. Effort
5. Expectation
6. Education
7. Experience

Over the next number of weeks, I will share the meaning and applications of each of these principles to assist you in fulfilling your destiny. Stay tuned for more!

Published by coreytabor

Corey Tabor serves as the Program Director of Austin LifeGuard, the sexual risk avoidance education program of Austin LifeCare. Serves as the Founder of III Coaching, an organization that informs, instructs and inspires people to live out their purpose. He has been married to April Tabor since 2003 and they have two daughters Anaia Naomi and Charis Dawn. Corey has a B.S. in Communication Studies / Human Relations from the University of Texas at Austin and completed a Masters of Ministry Leadership at Rockbridge Seminary. He is also a Certified Life Coach with the Wainwright Fowler International Institute and Certified Human Behavior Consultant with Uniquely You.

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