7 Keys to Fulfilling Your Destiny Part 2

Over my life I have used these seven keys to fulfill my destiny and I believe that if you apply these principles, you can see results in your life as well.  This is a brief overview of information that I will share in my next book.  Stay tuned!


1. Discipline – The ability to say yes.  You have to say yes to an opportunity to see fulfill your destiny.

2. Discipline – The ability to say no.  Sometimes you have to say no, so you can say yes to something else.

3. Excellence – Doing the best you can with what you have.  So often people don’t get started in their destiny because they are waiting for something instead of doing the best they can with what they currently have.

4. Effort – Doing the best you can even when you don’t have to.  The difference between good and great often lies in the effort one is willing to put forth to see their destiny fulfilled.

5. Expectations – Learning to manage your expectations provides the fuel needed to continue pursuing your destiny.  I share more in a presentation I have about the “Expectation Equation” that allows you to experience surprise and satisfaction more than disappointment all based on management of expectations.

6. Education – Learning to learn.  Education is not simply about gathering or memorizing information but it is learning how you learn.  Once you learn to learn, you can learn anything needed to move you forward towards your destiny.  Learning to learn involves understanding your learning style and gaining insights into how you learn best.

7. Experience – matching your education with experiences that allow the education to stick.  There is a “stickiness” factor to experience that moves our education from theory to reality.  As we gain real life experience in the area we are learning, we can have the wisdom to apply our education to our lives.

If you are able to maximize each of these seven keys, you will see doors opening to your destiny.


Published by coreytabor

Corey Tabor serves as the Program Director of Austin LifeGuard, the sexual risk avoidance education program of Austin LifeCare. Serves as the Founder of III Coaching, an organization that informs, instructs and inspires people to live out their purpose. He has been married to April Tabor since 2003 and they have two daughters Anaia Naomi and Charis Dawn. Corey has a B.S. in Communication Studies / Human Relations from the University of Texas at Austin and completed a Masters of Ministry Leadership at Rockbridge Seminary. He is also a Certified Life Coach with the Wainwright Fowler International Institute and Certified Human Behavior Consultant with Uniquely You.

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