The Day We’ve Been Waiting For

After 10 years of being married, we found out we were pregnant with a baby and we were so excited.  We had been waiting for this day to come and it was finally here.  This was just the beginning.  Over the next number of weeks, we found out we were having a baby girl.  As soon as we found out, I started thinking about paying for a wedding!  I knew that I wanted to provide everything that I could for her to come into the world and be successful.  As the months continued, we had sonograms monthly and we continued to see her grow.  My wife, April continued to teach her fourth grade class as her students continued to be excited about the day our child would be born.  I work at a pregnancy resource center directing our sex education program.  During my presentation introduction I progressed from simply talking about my amazing wife and our wonderful marriage to sharing our story of being with child.  While teaching about pregnancy and fetal development, I could relate to the seasons of pregnancy from 8 weeks to 20 weeks to 24 weeks. All the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.  



After 40 weeks of pregnancy, our daughter was not ready to come.  My wife began dilating but was not progressing so we waited.  40 weeks and 1 day, 40 weeks and 2 days, 40 weeks and 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days.  On the seventh day we came back to the doctor and they communicated the need for us to begin labor the next day with the assisting of an induction.  That night, we partnered with members from our church to move into our new worship space as we celebrated the anticipated delivery of our little girl.  We have patiently waited for God to bless us with a child and this is the day we have been waiting for.  I am thankful for the miracle of married, love, conception and fetal development.  Today, our dream of having a child will come true and all I can simply say is “Thank God!”


7 thoughts on “The Day We’ve Been Waiting For

  1. This is such an exciting time for you both. I am bubbling over with joy….I can cry I’m so happy for you both. You both our going to be great parents….baby girl is so blessed to be held in each of your arms. She is going to be such a special little girl, learning from the two of you…of your faith, your integrity, your honesty, your fight and your commitment…she is going to grow up to be a beautiful young lady!

    Enjoy every hour, minute and second that you have with her lik it’s your last….it goes by so fast so be present in every moment and take lots of pics marking your memories!!

    Love you both!!



  2. We are so happy for you all. We are super excited and blessed to call you our friends. Thanks for all you do for the body of Christ. We were truly blessed the time we spent in Austin and ate greatful we were able to meet the both of you.

    S- squared

    Santana/ Shaun


  3. So very happy for you. Just talking tonight with one of the “girls,” telling her that Hazel was going to have a new grandbaby.


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