Partnership for Rickey Wynn’s Services

April’s stepfather and my father-in-law Rick Wynn passed away from spinal cancer on Tuesday, November 28th at 2:00am CST. Many have asked what they can do to help. You can give by clicking the donate button above. Thank you for your prayers and support. Because we are in the body of Christ, we know weContinue reading “Partnership for Rickey Wynn’s Services”

Personal Reflection on Losing Loved Ones

This week has been the culmination of two of the hardest years of our lives for me and my wife. On April 4, 2015, my mother Carrie Hazel Tabor transitioned to heaven 23 minutes prior to Easter from a hospice room in Abilene, Texas at the age of 65 years old. She had spent nearlyContinue reading “Personal Reflection on Losing Loved Ones”