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Our Mission: Full Life Community Church lives to reconcile people to God and one another.

Our Vision: Full Life Community Church is a missional, maturing, multicultural church.

Our Values:

  • Relevant Teaching
  • Real Relationships
  • Racial Reconciliation
  • Restoring Families
  • Raising Up Godly Leaders
  • Reclaiming the Community
  • Reaching the World

Our Growth Plan At Full Life Community Church, we believe every person has a next step in their spiritual journey.

Your journey at Full Life can begin in one of five places:

1. Our Sunday Gatherings – Full Life Community Church meets Sundays at 10:10am at 1900 E. Howard Lane Pflugerville, Texas 78660. During the Sunday gatherings you will be greeted by our community and given the opportunity to simply be yourself. Our attire is casual and our connection is personal. We engage in musical worship, prayer and a message from the Bible along with opportunities to begin applying the message that day. You will leave informed, instructed and inspired to live out your purpose.

2. Our Full Life House Churches – Full Life Community Church hosts Full Life House Churches weekly to provide opportunities for fellowship, understanding, love and leadership. Full Life Community Groups are hosted at homes through the Austin community and are held three semesters per year:

  • Spring Semester – January- May
  • Summer Semester – June – July (Men’s and Women’s Focus)
  • Fall Semester – August – November

3. Our Discover Full Life Classes – Every 4th Sunday we host our Discover Full Life Class designed to introduce you to Full Life Community Church and allow you to introduce yourself to Full Life. During this class you will learn about our mission, vision, values and history. You will also learn more about what it means to come into a personal relationship with God through Christ and how to grow that personal relationship through healthy spiritual habits and community building. You will leave these classes confident in your faith in Christ and with opportunities to serve Christ with the gifts you have been given.

4. Full Life Missional Community Groups – Full Life Missional Community Groups provide opportunities for prayer, service and accountability. Through missional community groups, Full Life partners serve in the community and the local church. Missional Community Opportunities include:

  • Connections Ministry Team
  • Children’s Ministry Team
  • Finance Ministry Team
  • Hospitality Ministry Team
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Marketing Ministry
  • Media Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry Team
  • Missional Ministry Team
  • Prayer Ministry Team
  • Singles’ Ministry Team
  • Women’s Ministry Team
  • Worship Ministry Team

5. Full Life Conferences and Retreats– Full Life Conferences and Retreats are hosted to equip the body of Christ to fulfill it’s purpose in various areas: Conferences and Retreats include:

  • Church-wide Retreat
  • Discipleship Mini-Conferences
  • Evangelism Mini-Conferences
  • Marriage Mini-Conferences
  • Men’s Mini-Conferences
  • Prayer Retreats
  • Singles’ Mini-Conferences
  • Sabbath Retreats
  • Women’s Mini-Conferences

To learn more visit us at http://www.befull.org



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  1. Hi servant of God,i salute you in Christ ,how are you doing? it is of
    great apleasure to meet you, iam pastor Eric Wakoli from kenya born again by christian faith.i have been visting your website and get
    blessed with your meaningful teachings & preachings,they had real touched my heart together with my church members.due to your strong faith about good God we serve,i do request your fellowship of making astrong prayer team,i had decided so because your belief agrees with
    our faith.togetherness shall make us uplift each other in prayer,also will enable us do more to magnify
    his name.indeed you are the best person i should stay connected to
    because your sermons injects life to dead situations.as you well know time is over for the church.we are only living in his grace and mercies.therefore let us prepare mature church for the bridegroom.be blessed and will be glady to hear from you soonest.surely we love you
    and get hundreds of hugs from my members.
    Sent via Nokia Email


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