Corey’s purpose is to inform, instruct and inspire people to fulfill their purpose. He’s committed to helping people discover and live out their purpose.  For over 20 years he has been speaking to students and working professionals inspiring them to do what they were created to do. He has written various books, workbooks, and workshops designed to fulfill this purpose.  His works include:

  • History in the Making: 7 Keys to Making History in Your Lifetime”
  • “Prioritize for Your Purpose: Ordering Your Life to Extraordinary”
  • “Being: A 30-Day Guide to Being Who God Created You to Be”
  • “Developing a College Ministry for Your Church”
Corey's Master's Graduation

Corey graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in August of 2000 with a B.S. in Communication Studies / Human Relations and a minor in Business.  He has also earned his  Masters of Ministry Leadership degree at Rockbridge Seminary  He has multiple certifications:

Corey is also the Director of LifeGuard, a sexual risk avoidance sex and character education program that has been taught in over 13 school districts serving over 50 schools reaching over 20,000 students throughout Central Texas.  As a certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists, each week Corey speaks to hundreds of students 6th-12th about healthy choices related to sex, dating, and relationships.

Corey has spoken to groups of various backgrounds and ethnicities including The Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference at Texas A&M University, The University of Texas Football Team, The Raffa ClinicThe University of Texas Male Leadership Summit,  The National Society of Black Engineers

Corey has an over 20-year background in ministry having served as the Founder and Lead Pastor of  Full Life Community Church in Pflugerville, Texas, the Maturity and Ministry Pastor at Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Austin, Texas and the Founder and and Campus Staff Member of Texas Gospel Fellowship with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin growing the ministry to over 130 students in four years.

Corey Tabor Family

While studying at the University of Texas Corey was involved in various organizations and served in various leadership roles.  He served as chaplain and president of Innervisions Gospel Choir where he partnered with Revival City Music to write and co-produce Unconditional Praise, the first CD recorded by Innervisions Gospel Choir.  Corey also served as a one-year at large Student Government Representative, Resident Assistant, Orientation Advisor, and Career Exploration Center Peer Counselor.  It was during his time as a student Corey accepted his call to ministry and began developing his speaking and leadership gifts.

Corey has been married to his wife, April Tabor since June 2003 and they have two daughters Anaia Naomi and Charis Dawn.  They live in the Manor, Texas east of Austin.


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  1. I was the women that called in and made the comment on KAZI. It was about when I was growing up my family sat at the dinner table. We discussed what happen at school etc. The majority of our families don’t do this anymore. I read where you where a member and associate pastor at Greater Mount Zion. My daughter Chantel Pridgon would speak about you. I am also a member of GMZ.

    I will donate money to your ministry, but I don’t do Paypal. Have issues with someone hacking my account. I can donate by check or credit card.


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