Here you can order products by Corey Tabor, Speaker, Author, Coach and President of III Coaching. Just click the image and place your order. Thank you for your investment in informing, instructing and inspiring others to fulfill their purpose.

Being Products

Order Today!

Book – $10.00
Being T-Shirt
$15.00USD S-XL + S&H
$17.00 USD XXL+ S&H
Audio Book
$15.00 USD

Prioritize for Your Purpose  Products

Prioritize for Your Purpose Logo Final
$80.00 USD + S&H 4 CD’s + Workbook (Prioritize for Your Purpose Prioritize Your Time Prioritize Your Roles Prioritize Your Relationships Prioritize Your Money)
Prioritze for Your Purpose Annual Planning Manual
$10.00 USD + S&H

Ministry Tools

$25.00 USD + S&H
$20.00 USD + S&H


Innervisions CD Cover
$5.00 USD + S&H
Rescue Me
$2.50 USD + S&H

Comedy DVD

I Grew Up in Church DVD Cover.001
$12.00 USD + S&H

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